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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets. A vinyl sheet floor is completely impermeable to water, making it a great solution for:

Bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere you need a bit of extra durability for high usage areas. You can have this fitted in many designs including wood and tile design.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) is a durable floor that mimics the look and feel of natural wood and stone. It is a very popular alternative to wood and laminate flooring.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are textured which gives them added depth and realism. The high performance wear layer of the LVT provides exceptional durability.

luxury vinyl flooring
latex flooring

Latex Flooring

Latex floor screed is normally used to smooth the surface of concrete and screeds, when laying thin vinyl or thin floor coverings.

Slight imperfections in substrate will show up in these types of floor coverings. A latex floor screed will smooth out those slight imperfections.

Sports And Leisure

Whether you’re in need of AstroTurf, hard or padded surfaces. We can tailor the flooring for your need and make sure you happy with your new sports surface.

A great level of detail is always added by our team to make sure the flooring stays fitted and doing its job properly for many years to come.

sports flooring
safety flooring

Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is paramount for any commercial kitchen, factory, hospital or any other premise that needs to be kept clean. Safety flooring maintains well under constant use.

Our hard wearing safety floor is designed to not only make cleaning much easier by making every corner, edge or bend accessible. But will also save on the cost of future flooring needs due to its long life span.

Matting Areas

With our huge range of matting designs you can really make your property or commercial premises come to life with a specific look to suit your theme perfectly.

Fitted to perfection with great attention to detail, we leave customers satisfied with long lasting, quality flooring.

matting areas flooring
artificial grass

Artificial Grass

Given up with the seeding and trying to stop the kids or pets running over your new grass patches?

We have the perfect solution for zero maintenance grass that stays looking fresh for years to come. This can be fitted to any custom size and will leave your property looking constantly maintained with out even lifting a finger.